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Taking Care of Your Car Seat Covers

4-Step Guide To Maintaining Your Diesel Engine’s Fuel Line And Filter

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When your vehicle has a diesel engine, proper maintenance of the fuel line and filter is essential for extending the life of your motor. It is also important for reducing your fuel costs. If you want to perform this maintenance yourself, use the following four-step guide to keeping your fuel system at peak performance. Step 1:  Inspect The Exhaust Smoke With Gas Pedal Down The first step in checking your fuel system is to inspect the smoke coming from your exhaust pipe. For this step, you will need an assistant to rev the engine while...

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Protecting Your Car Body From Surface Rust

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Most cars are made out of steel materials, and this helps to keep your vehicle strong and resilient as you drive. Unfortunately, steel will oxidize when it is exposed to moisture and air and this can cause rust to form. When oxidation advances to the point that holes and openings form in the side or rear panels of your vehicle, then an auto body repair will be required. This is necessary to repair the damage and to stop oxidation from spreading. If you have recently had a major body repair completed, then make sure to reduce the risk of...

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5 Of The Craziest Windshield Attacks In Pro-Wrestling History

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Getting a rock chip in your car’s windshield is nothing compared to the damage that’s been done to vehicles in the world of pro-wrestling. The next time you need to hire a professional for auto glass replacement, think back on the following five pro-wrestling moments and know that it could be a lot worse. In wrestling organizations, cars often end up being a weapon of choice and the windshield gets smashed over and over again. Stone Cold Steve Austin Fills a Car with Cement The feud between Vince McMahon and Stone Cold Steve...

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Making Your Car Work For You

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If you have been struggling to make ends meet, it may be time to put your car to work for you. How? For starters, you could sign up to be part of one of today’s popular ride-sharing programs that will connect you with paying customers who need to be ferried from one destination or another. Or you could allow guests from out of town to rent your vehicle for a fee. These internet-based services have seen dramatic growth in recent years, and by signing up with one of them, you could infuse much-needed cash into your budget. Ride-Sharing...

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Cars Can Now Outlast Their Payments, But Are They Worth It?

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Experts have recently predicted that when some cars are maintained properly, they can last for more than 200,000 miles. Irv Gordon of New York currently holds the world record for owning the car with the highest mileage—a 1966 Volvo whose odometer reached 3 million not long ago. If you’ve seen his car, you know it’s a beauty. He’s kept it in pristine condition. While Gordon has obviously gone out of his way to take exceptional care of his vehicle and rack up the miles, is it worth it for the average consumer to do the...

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5 Things You Need To Think About Before You Start A Trucking Business

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Trucking can be a lucrative business if you do it right. No matter what the economic conditions are like, businesses will always need a way to transport goods from one place to another. So, despite the rising fuel costs, transport and shipping services remain in demand. If you’re considering starting your own trucking business, here are five things to take into consideration first. Continue reading more to get more information. It’s more than driving a truck. It’s easy to idealize the trucking business, imagining nothing but...

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